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Firestone Complete Auto Care Reviews

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  • Deceiving

    Took my vehicle for a flat tire and was told it need other costly repairs. As a single woman going to a mechanic by myself, I've experience this type if issues in the past and didn't trust them at all. I declined the services and took my car to a reputable local mechanic who thoroughly inspected my vehicle and not only did he assured me none of the repairs were needed after testing and looking into my vehicle for 2 days but told me that in order for Firestone to determine need of these repairs, they needed to remove parts that had no indication of ever been handled or removed.... More...
    (Repair Services)
    decieved57's Picture   decieved57    0 Comments   Comments
  • oil change

    I would like to file a compliant against the Firestone in Riverdale Georgia. I had made an appointment on 7/2 at 3pm to get my oil changed. When I got there I was told it would be hours because they were behind. I said ok I would change the time. I rescheduled my appointment to 7/5 at 5:30. When I got there I was told they were busy. There was one person changing oil and there where 3 cars ahead of me. They close at 7 pm. I did not like the person behind the counter's attitude. When I walked in she seemed to surprised to see me. Like why was I there. That was when we informed me they... More...
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  • Over-priced

    I am extremely disappointed in Firestone Tempe. My daughter and granddaughter are driving my husband's 1999 Chevy Blazer. They have an account at Firestone and have had a lot of work done there. Everything that has been done has been over-priced and well above my daughter's budget. She is a disabled single mother and my granddaughter just graduated from ASU. The Blazer began having problems a few months ago. It needed a catalytic converter. Firestone quoted $800 or so. When we arrived in AZ earlier this month, we got another quote from somewhere else and had it done for... More...
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  • Tires

    I have been a loyal Card holding customer to Firestone on Ft Hood, recently I took my vehicle in to have a tire puncture repaired however, they inspected the vehicle and found that I had 2 tires that were punctured and needed replacing, the maintenance individual took to the garage to view where the (nails) where in the tires. I purchased four new tires not 3 months earlier for the same reason, punctures in the tires now I'm not in construction have not visited a place that construction was performed to get nails in my tires! Here's the kicker, the nails where located in the exact... More...
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  • Firestone complete auto care

    Worse customer service ever. Front Desk rude and extremely negligent I will never go back to this place. I took my car to get tires and oil change plus inspection sticker...while they were arguing with each other/playing around and talking about Facebook in front of me and finally someone I guess had no choice but to help me quite frankly I'm not sure if I was being des ruminated but thinking back yes I was. They did not greet me talked to me very little, my tires were not put only 3 inspection not done "it did not pass but you still have to pay" they charged me $465.00 and... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Francisco73's Picture   Francisco73    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Service!!

    Used to take all our cars there for repairs and oil changes. About 2 years ago we quit going because the customer service was horrible. Every time we took a car in, they would always without fail find something wrong with it and would always ending up costing us more money that originally quoted. Beware! They are scam artists and crooks and rude!! We have now taken all our auto business to Dobbs in Festus and have been incredibly happy with them!! More...
    (Repair Services)
    millers's Picture   millers    1 Comments   Comments
  • Useless Repairs

    Acct #643913720 - I have had my 2000 Honda Civic to Firestone complete Auto care at 2075 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062-3812, (770) 325-9696, numerous times for months due to over heating. My son drives the car to and from work, 60 miles one way 5 days a week. This time, Chris, Manager, decided it was a cylinder head, I agreed since I had no idea either, and that work was done for $2,000 (just paid off the card in Mar '14 for all other work done on the car). The Honda is still over heating, I took it for a second opinion to a Mom & Pop shop in Cedartown, GA 30125 (where my son... More...
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  • Useless Repairs

    Acct #643913720 - I have had my 2000 Honda Civic to Firestone complete Auto care at 2075 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062-3812, (770) 325-9696, numerous times for months due to over heating. My son drives the car to and from work, 60 miles one way 5 days a week. This time, Chris, Manager, decided it was a cylinder head, I agreed since I had no idea either, and that work was done for $2,000 (just paid off the card in Mar '14 for all other work done on the car). The Honda is still over heating, I took it for a second opinion to a Mom & Pop shop in Cedartown, GA 30125 (where my son... More...
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    MsLA's Picture   MsLA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tried to rip me off

    I went to firestone to get a tire patched and was told it could not be repaired then I was told that I need two new tires in the front and I also needed tire rodes. All of this was a lie. They gave me an estimate of over $900. I took the tire some where else and got it patched and had them check everything elsevand was told they were ok. I think because I am a young women they tried to take anvantage of that. Litte did they know im very fimilier with cars. I will never go to firestone again. More...
    (Repair Services)
    Tgreen24's Picture   Tgreen24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip-Off

    I have taken my 2002 Subaru Outback to Firestone, Brookfield, CT for about 5 years. I must have put about $6,000 into the car at Firestone. They kept telling me you have many more miles left on the car. So a few weeks ago I brought my car in to get motor mounts. They tell me you need a new head gasket, your anti-freeze is leaking, etc. and it would cost about $4,000. Every time I took my car there I asked for a diagnosis and now you tell me I have to put another $4,000 in the car? I've also had other problems with them in the past. Bottom line, I traded in my car and bought a new... More...
    krazykarolp's Picture   krazykarolp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oil change

    I went to firestone on Reistertown road and horrile experience. The next day my car would not start. On getting oil change there is a checklist the tech is suppose to follow through and check your battery and so on (which everything on that checklist was checked off OK) I end up having to get a jump which i found out my coolant was just about dry. I made it to a different firestone who then rechecked out the care only to find out i needed a new battery and a serptine belt. So had my battery been checked from the check list and coolant level was checked i would not have had the problems i... More...
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  • Worst rip off ever

    Went in to have my tires checked because of some vibrations. The agent I met told me it would cost 21.99 to checked for issues and run a full diagnoses on it. I also asked him if they will take out the $21.99 if they fixed the issue, I thought he said yes, but later learned that he said no. So few minutes later the agent came back and said I needed a new tire and also alignment, and I asked if they checked the brake rotor I asked them to checked in the first place if I was paying the 21.99, and he gave me excuses and excuses on how he can't check that because they have to take the pads... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Eccodog's Picture   Eccodog    0 Comments   Comments

    I would like to recognize Danny Mateo, manager at the Firestone by the Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth, TX for his superior customer service. My TMPS on my Ford Expedition was showing up as a fault sensor. I took in to Firestone to have it checked out and was told by Danny that the sensor was being held in place by clear tape and didn't find the belt that should have been there from the beginning. I advised Danny that the Firestone on Cherry Lane had put new tires and was never made aware of the missing belt. Danny took responsibility and started looking for this belt, which could only be... More...
    (Repair Services)
    igardea's Picture   igardea    0 Comments   Comments
  • Check engine light one

    Went to the Firestone on 121 in the Colony. My check engine light was on and I was concerned because it was the weekend. Check engine light on and was told they could run a diagnostic test. This would find out where the problem was. After waiting an hour was told my car need a major tune-up with new spark plugs and the fuel injection system need to be cleaned and also filter needed to be changed. I told the mechanic I just had the spark plugs replaced at the dealership 6,000 miles ago. He would not back down. Called to make sure the plugs were replaced and they were. The manager was... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Allison4547's Picture   Allison4547    2 Comments   Comments
  • firestone

    took my pathfinder for a noise in the front. They told me my struts where bad. when I got my truck back I found the tires were not rotated, they broke a stud off, put a different lug nut not matching the others, lugs to tight over 98 foot pounds, pulling wile driving, put ripped boots on struts. took truck back and they told me we cant fix it today we do not have the parts. More...
    (Repair Services)
    bill321's Picture   bill321    0 Comments   Comments
  • firestone customer service

    I just want to let someone know about one of your workers by the name of Anna Marie Mattox.I visited her store today, and am always amazed by the way she handles people and also her job. She can talk to customers, answer phone, and use computer, and never miss a beat or let u feel neglected. Before I moved to savannah I went to tires plus in Lakeland florida. Didn't know what to expect from firestone, but tried them due to location. She took such good care of me, I sing her praises all the time. Today she blew my socks off with the way she handled irate customers. She is always... More...
    (Repair Services)
    keystone1938's Picture   keystone1938    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad brake job twice!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I own a 05' Chevy trail blazer, Took it to Firestone on hwy 6 to get the brakes done, they turned the rotors saying they had their best guy that day and I was lucky to get his service! Even after I said I would be happy to get new rotors. So I figured as per his recommendation to save a few bucks and let them turn the rotors all seemed ok when I left 20K miles later if was metal to metal again. I took it back asked if they installed GM parts they said they did. After listening to one of their service hands tell me "20K is a lot of miles for brakes", funny I got 85k out of... More...
    (Repair Services)
    jamesschulz's Picture   jamesschulz    1 Comments   Comments
  • Firestone Poor Customer Service

    I have Kia Sorento 2011. Few weeks ago I start hearing the noise when I applied breaks. I took my car for inspection, tire rotation, and oil change to one of the Firestore locations (16802 I-45 South, The Woodlands, TX 77384). Before dropping my car off at that place, I stopped and asked if they can drive me back home, and one of the front office guys said "Yes, we can drive you back home". So few days later I am dropping my car off, knowing that they will take me home, and I was surprised when I heard from the other person "No, we cant take you home. We cant leave the site.... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Lyakona's Picture   Lyakona    0 Comments   Comments

Firestone Complete Auto Care Reviews By Product

Firestone Complete Auto Care Comments

cameraray1204 says: (4 years ago)
my daughter went to the nearby firestone store on hwy 55 for a $30 inspection, that ended up costing her $179.
she was told in order to 'pass' inspection she 'needed' 2 belts.
i called up management asking why was she told she had to do this in order to pass inspection when its clearly not on the north carolina required inspection check list? he said, because its up to the mechanics 'interpretation' as to it being a 'vehicle safety issue'. and apparently, coincidental im sure, because everyone in the filled waiting room that day was there for what they though was just an inspection they were now looking at a much pricier 'safety vehicle issue' repair work.

what a scam to prey on people because the shop needs customers with high dollar repair work NOT $30 inspections.
so buyer beware, don't take ur car to firestone unless ur ready to deal with a trumped up repair bill.

Vikki says: (5 years ago)
I have been a loyal Firestone customer for 20 plus years. Although after my recent experiences with the Roseville, Ca location, I will never go back. Today, had a nail in the tire, turned out to be 2. One that caused the leak, one that did not. They tried to tell me that it couldn't be repaired and that I needed to buy a new tire. These were three month old tires that I bought from Firestone! Funny, when I said that I wasn't buying a new tire, they were able to repair it...The "upselling" at this location is terrible, talk about purposely trying to rip off their customers. Firestone credit card is cut up, I am tried of being ripped off.

calviar2 says: (5 years ago)
A Big Thank You from the bottom of our hearts...

The guys on Nagadoches Rd. in San Antonio saved the day.

My family and I were on a trip to Six Flags when our 2005 Jeep Cherokee broke down on Loop 1604

Needless to say, this put a damper on the day and our children were quite upset that our trip may have to be delayed or cancelled.

Armando and his team set up a tow, quickly diagnosed the problem and found that we had to have a timing belt and pulley replaced.

Amazingly they got us in and repaired and back on our trip within an hour and a half!

They turned our kids frowns upside down..

Big Smiles and Thank You for Saving the Day.

octaviaty2006 says: (5 years ago)
Great job they fix my cooling system and happy with it. I paid $305.69 parts and labor also that diagnostic. Overall I'm happy to have my car fixed.

swjhay says: (5 years ago)
went to firestone in Milwaukee,WI on 60th &Capital DR.For low brake pressure 3 to 4 hours manager Ted called with the so called diagnosis,first the bill was around $140 for checking the breaks.this he did not tell me or i did not sign for this charge,they claimed i needed break rotors,rear calipers,fresh brake fluid flush ect.the bill would be about $1300.i took the van to a another shop guess what i needed none of that.HELLOW!!

HONESTJOHN says: (5 years ago)
I have been going to firestone for 30 years, never before have I seen the lengths of deciet and lies that I have as of late.DO NOT GET ANY OF THEIR LIFETIME BULLSHIT THEY WILL NOT HONOR IT. Everytime I went there the manager and workers are diferent, kinda like car dealers you can only keep the ones who screw people real good there a little while then you have to move them to a new store to service the customers there REAL GOOD,I recently had an estimate for $1400.00, the parts are marked up 300% this is NO LIE, they charged me $210.00 for a brake rotor, the MOST EXPENSIVE one in ANY auto parts store was $76.00. UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE MAJORLY SCREWED STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES , I DONT KNOW HOW THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT.

Egnima022 says: (5 years ago)
I went to a Firestone location in NC for a coolant flush and inspection. They told me that everything was fine. About 1000 miles later, my radiator cracks and coolant went everywhere. I had to take it to a good year in Missouri to get a replacement. How in the heck can Firestone not see any indication of a crack when it replaced my radiator??

jJohnL says: (5 years ago)
I called on 8/12/12 to have my ruck looked at, got some woman on the phone who was very rude and would not answer any of my questions. The only thing see was worried about was the 79.00 to check out. Took to Pep Boys and they had it fixed in less than 1 hour. Both were on the West side of Ft.Worth off of Camp Bowie West. Pep Boys even took off the 44.00 to check out on their machine Very friendly people explained everything and even gave me 10 precent off for Miltary service. Stay away from Firestone all they want is your money. Thanks to Jake and Jerry at Pep Boys for doing a good job and alot cheaper.

usnpadilla says: (7 years ago)
Firestone replaced my left inner tie rod. I noticed that the rubber boot had a split in the middle. Is it supposed to be like that.I asked the firestone rep and he said,"they come like that".Now that boot is leaking power steering fluid. The mechanics i took it to said it was supposed to be a sealed boot and not an open boot .Thanks Firestone for giving me a leaking rack and pinion and giving me a split rubber bellowsalong with hundreds of dollars in repairs.thats the last time me or my family are going to firestone!

thatsright says: (7 years ago)
The Service Center on west Broadway, Council Bluffs,Iowa doesn't like their safety protocol. They have signs up telling everyone going into their service area "must" wear safety glasses. Everyone there except one employee doesn't wear their safety glasses.Doesn't look like someone is doing their job for Firestone.

thatsright says: (7 years ago)
The Service Center on west Broadway, Council Bluffs,Iowa doesn't like their safety protocol. They have signs up telling everyone going into their service area "must" wear safety glasses. Everyone there except one employee doesn't wear their safety glasses.Doesn't look like someone is doing their job for Firestone.

Ally1003 says: (8 years ago)
My auto recently failed an emissions inspection so I took it to Firestone for an assessment. They told me I needed a new sensor and cadillac converter for $1100. I spoke with my brother who said if I ordered the parts, he would install free-of-charge. The parts costs me $300. After removing the old cadillac converter, my brother told me there was nothing wrong with it; it was the sensor that was bad. I do not plan on using Firestone again for future mechanical repairs.

doityourselfman says: (9 years ago)
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Firestone: Misleading, Deceptive, Dishonest 1 complaints
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July 16, 2005 00:00:00Firestone: Misleading, Deceptive, Dishonest

We took our 1997 Mercury Mountaineer to Firestone service center at 14089 New Halls Ferry Rd. for brakes, we were told that we needed a left front hub assembly. This is a two wheel drive Mountaineer and has no hub assembly. I knew that and anyone putting brakes on would see that while installing brakes. We were told that it would cost $333.40 to have repaired .I had the service person put brakes on and no other repair. After the brake repair I was told of the hub issue again, that tells me that Firestone is willing to over charge knowing after doing repairs to the brake system that it had no hub. I have a copy of the recommended service paper. I took the same Mercury to Dobbs Service Center to see what they would tell me, I was told what I knew, I needed my bearing repacked or replace seal and bearing at a cost of between $60.00-$100.00 .This is a fact,only four wheel and front wheel drive vehiciles have hubs.

I e-mailed (COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_67514# wrote :Tracking number FT20050319_0000000023 Reference #1004312
Tracking number: FT20050319_0000000023
Reference #1004312)

I was told to take my vehicle to another Firestone service center 530 N highway 67 to have it inspected to see if my truck was rear or four wheel drive.It was inspected by service tech. and vehicle had no hub. I later was told that it was a computer error.I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Missouri.Complaint#cf2005-06209.It is clear to me and anyone this was a ripoff waiting to happen.I know better,I would bet you others were ripoff big time. My wife took the truck in and you know what happens to ladies trying to get service.This was not a computer error this was misleading and not being honest.Contact me and I will tell it all Dewey
florissant, Missouri
Complaint has been filed with the BBB of Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois

thanksbutnothanks says: (9 years ago)
I was told I needed a COMPLETE brake overhaul by them for $648. My brake pads would need replacing as well as my rotors turned and I needed calipers. Well, I had another mechanic look at it and was told that after 59,000 miles on these pads, I have not use 50% of them. As a matter of fact, the other mechanic said that I did not need any of those repairs.
I called Firestone back and the store manager Bill said that the guy was new and that he did overcharge me for the labor and upon looking at the estimate my brakes where okay. However, I still need the rotors and calipers.
I had a similiar issue with Tire Plus...they are owned by the same people. I will never give Firestone another dime.

Reggie350 says: (9 years ago)
A good frien of mine took her Jeep into the Watsonville Firestone store for a squeking belt. $1400 dollars later they charged her $600 for a re-manufactured AC compressor that one could purchase new for $300, $100 for a $30 dryer, and triple the price for the idler pully. And they never replaced the squeking belt. Never do business from them.

suzannasinister says: (9 years ago)
When I applied for my Firestone Credit Card my Daughter was made an authorized user. The reason for this action being taken was because I am housebound and 99 years old.
My Daughter does the shopping, car care, paying bills, and all other business transactions for me due to my inability to write or see or hear in my advanced age, she is typing this for me as I dictate. I thank heaven for her everyday, I would be in a senior citizens center or worse if it were not for my daughter.
Today when she went to pick up my car from having repairs in one of the local Firestone locations your credit department denied my credit card because I was not in the store.
It was explained at the time of application that my daughter would be the one bringing the car in for repairs.

I am tempted to cancel my credit card with your company and begin using a reputable company for futher repairs and all other maintainence on my automobile in the future.
Due to being housebound it is necessary for my daughter to continue caring for my business affairs. What will it take to have her added as an authorized user short of my having to be transported with my wheelchair, IV stand, oxygen tank, and hospital bed to the local Firestone store?

mara says: (10 years ago)
I did A/C service after doing diagnostic tests (Costed about 180 dollars). Then they said i had to change hoses and I did, total cost came around 400 dollars. After one week again my AC didnt work. Then I took it there and they said I need to change another hose. This time they said I have to spent 300 dollars. THen i realized that they are not good mechanics and one more thing is they would attract with "FIRESTONE CREDIT CARD". Dont apply those credit cards, it will suck u.

LIFIRESTONE says: (10 years ago)

SuzieR says: (10 years ago)
I had a repair done on my old car in LR AR. They tried to sell me $2,000 worth of work on a car that is worth $800 on a good day. They are crooks. They charged me $21.00 for the inspection to look for things that I did not ask for, did not want and did not need. In addition, I asked for the parts they took off it and they gave me some run around answer, but not the parts. I felt that I wa charged too much money. I think they are crooks who take advantage of anyone they can and God help a single woman.

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